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You can now join us for your Arabic language lessons in Sunderland .
Arabic on Skype in Sunderland
We are able to teach you via Skype []
We also can provide you with FREE study book (PDF), so you can start straightaway.

What our students say....

Please register and book a FREE sample session NOW. You can also call us on Skype id : Sir-Adams
We will confirm your booking and put the appointment in our diary.
A qualified teacher will be waiting to give you a FREE sample Arabic lesson and answer any questions you may have.

Online via Skype - You need the following :
1) Desktop/Laptop computer with Internet connection
2) Skype software and a headset (mic/speaker), all new laptops have this built-in
    Arabic online via skype in Sunderland

We can also teach Via Telephone/iPhone/Viper - You need the following:
1) A hard copy of the study book or PDF version on your Desktop/Laptop
2) Exclusive use of a UK landline phone/iPhone/Viper during the session

Arabic online Sunderland


Register NOW - We offer FREE live 1-2-1 sample sessions with native qualified Arabic teachers.

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